• About Hair transplantation

    About Hair transplantation

    Natural Hair is the most effective and most definitive treatment for hair loss is. Hair as an outpatient procedure without anesthesia, local anesthesia is associated with. So the person applying as a result of any pain during surgery hair transplant hair that is grown on the head does not make sense ... After hair transplantation, a very small bandage is placed over the head, which is used to prevent contamination of the next day's Hair is removed from the bath and someone could easily. Hair that are planted about 3 weeks to grow a small amount of hair growth As far as this person is very sensible. After the resting phase of the hair or hair loss are planted almost 3 months and takes up early in the fourth month of the hair again and remain permanently Vdygr are a loss.

    Hair restoration in low cast Non-hereditary hair loss, such as in cases of more Instead of burning or welding is used to breakage and sutured in place and the appropriate answer will be accepted and the rest will be re-grown hair is shed, It came back with no hair or hair transplantation surgical behind, head, bald hair removal be planted. these two common methods of microsurgery (FUT) and technique (FIT) is . How to grow hair removed both FIT and FUT procedure is the same as every method (one follicular) are planted, and the difference between these two methods of hair removal is the only way

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