• Botox njections

    Botox njections

    Some people are unnaturally affected to involuntary contractions in facial muscles, which leads to hyperfunctional lines and contractile wrinkles which last to permanent wrinkles after some time.
    The most places are exposed to these contractions include the frown sites, forehead, the outer part and under of the eyes, around the chin (horizontal lines), the line on the lips (which are emerged in result of budding the lips, and the lines on the upper parts of the nose (which are emerged due to raising the nose.
    This product is injected to remove the unnatural contractions of facial muscles. It should be noted that the mere dysport ampule is manufactured by the IPSEN® factory of England, with the medical form of 200unit vials. This product is approved by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education of Iran and the other forms are counterfeited medicines which are high risk to administrate.
    The efficacy of the drug starts after 4 days, but the best efficacy appears since 2 weeks of injection. The medicine’s maintenance differs in various people and ranges from 4 to 6 months.
    The medicine is forbidden in pregnancy period and it should not be administered concomitantly with cardiac medicines or glycoside family

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