• Skin rejuvenation whit LPG

    Skin rejuvenation whit LPG

    LPG, the world leader in natural cellular stimulation, has launched an innovative and powerful LPG Skin Rejuvenation program which combines the proven efficiency of New Endermolift with a superficial peel skin care line, specially developed by LPG to treat the skin surface for supple, glowing, youthful skin.

    A non-aggressive treatment for a unified and smoothed complexion, the new LPG Skin Rejuvenation program is particularly recommended to treat and prevent skin aging, but also to clarify complexion and to tighten pores.

    Ludovic Loffreda, CEO of LPG Bella Concept LLC said: “This newest addition to our array of anti-aging technologies at LPG is one of the most effective way to restore and renew your skin cells. We have combined two powerful tools that seamlessly work together to bring you the skin you have always dreamt of.

    “With the New Endermolift technique, that increases elastin by 46% and hyaluronic acid production by 80%*, the peel’s efficiency on tissue regeneration is optimized. The superficial peel is unique as it boosts cellular regeneration: it smoothes lines and wrinkles and restores a healthy glow, in total respect of the skin,” he added.

    How does it work?

    Step 1

    The LPG therapist will first remove the makeup from your face with the LPG Pre-Treatment Micellar Lotion. Then on your cleansed skin, therapist will administer on your face the LPG Endermolift treatment to boost the microcirculation and stimulate your skin’s fibroblasts to make them more receptive to the peel. Better prepared for the peel, the skin is less prone to redden and better absorbs the peel.

    Step 2

    Then, the therapist will apply the newest skincare line, the LPG Peel, to the face and neck which exfoliates the skin and boosts cellular regeneration. It is packaged in a syringe-like structure (with no needle)that has an extra soft silicone applicator. The LPG superficial peel formula combines glycolic and mandelic acid for optimal anti-aging results while reducing skin damage risks.

    The LPG Peeling formula suits all skin types whether sensitive or mature skin. 
For sensitive, fine and reactive skins, LPG has developed theLPG PEELING TECHNOLOGY10%
(which has only 5% Glycolic acid and 5% Mandelic acid). For normal to thick skins, the LPG PEELING TECHNOLOGY 20%
(which has 10% Glycolic acid and 10% Mandelic acid) is recommended.

    Step 3

    The last step is the application of the LPG Post-Treatment Collagen Mask, which soothes and intensely moisturizes the skin after the peel. This 100% natural bio-cellulose mask is highly occlusive and releases collagen, hyaluronic acid and licorice extract.

    Step 4

    Finally, the application of the Intense Hydrating Smoothing Serum completes the protocol, for a “new skin” result. Immediately you will feel your skin is renewed, with smoothed wrinkles and an enhanced youthful glow.

    The new LPG Skin Rejuvenation program is available in selected beauty salons equipped with the latest LPG beauty machines, and in medical aesthetic practices equipped with New Endermolift. The program lasts for only 35 minutes and is inclusive of the Post-Treatment Collagen Mask. To get optimal results, it is recommended that you undergo a monthly program of 2 treatments (every other week).

    Include LPG Skin Rejuvenation treatments in your monthly beauty routine to replenish your skin and look radiant and rejuvenated. Book your appointments now with your LPG therapist or visit www.clinic-day.com for more details.

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