• eyebrow  transplantation

    eyebrow transplantation

    Eyebrow shedding may occur as a result of an internal disease such as severe weight loss, thyroid related diseases, etc, or may be specifically seen just in eyebrows. As it was stated in the hair loss section, one major reason of this issue is trimming faults. Some individuals may be affected to permanent eyebrow loss due to frequent tractions while trimming. Besides the decreased eyebrow density for the above-mentioned reasons, sometimes the national and racial factors cause to decreased eyebrow density as well, from which the almond-eyes people from eastern nations could be mentioned.
    Except for the cases in which the eyebrow loss can be treated by medical treatment, hair restoration methods are useful in treating the permanent eyebrow losses. In order to achieve this, some hair strands with the most resemblance to the eyebrows, such as the hairs of back of wrist and the proximal knuckles should be taken. These hairs have the most similarities with eyebrows in terms of the growth cycle, the arch and length. If the mentioned regions are hair free, other parts of the body are used
    The main point in transplanting eyebrows is the direction of transplanting. In other words, as the hair strands directions are naturally different with each other in various places, the most caution should be taken to attention to naturalize its feature.
    In cases the applicant has tattooed on eyebrow site, the tattoo should be removed by laser and then do the restoration
    The other points related to the after operation cases, etc. are the same as mentioned for hair loss, except for the delayed onset of the 

    transplanted eyebrows growth in comparison with that of scalp hairs, which is related to the site of removing the hairs


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