• laser hair removal

    laser hair removal

    One of the most common causes of hair removal and laser skin clinic is referring to. Traditional methods of removing hair follicle has no effect. Thus, the use of hair creams, waxing, epinephrine Lady, scraping, or other methods of unleashing the return of unwanted hair on the number, thickness and color will last.

    Anagen (growth phase):
    The maximum thickness of the hair color. At this point the laser beam is the most destructive effects on hair follicles.

    Catagenesis (growth stage):
    Thickness is reduced follicle growth and hair follicle which is responsible for the power supply is removed.

    Telogen (resting phase):
    At this stage, all activities will cease growing. This period of time is different in different parts of the body. Telogen phase of the hair for approximately 100 days, and other areas of the body can take up to 6 months.

    Alexandrite laser is the fastest, most effective and least dangerous in the world for the treatment of laser hair removal is considered. In a very short time (millisecond range), high-intensity laser light shone on the skin and the hair follicles and destroys dozens, often remove unwanted hair from the skin are destroyed and the remainder within 1 to 2 weeks automatically fall are.

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