• Hair transplantation

    Hair transplantation

    Day natural hair transplant clinic with leading specialists, counselors and medical staff experienced in the field of hair transplant, are honored to have been able to work during the best services in the field of hair transplant and honor natural and offer .

  • laser hair removal

    laser hair removal

    Diode -Elight -Alexandrite -NY-YAG-  laser hair removal clinic Arshia used. After laser hair different phases of hair growth declined but remain some of the procedures have not gone away, and remain the same. Therefore, this action is repeated every 5 to 8 weeks until the hair is completely eliminated. The number of sessions is at least 4 to 6 sessions.

  • botox injection

    botox injection

    Eliminate wrinkles , laugh lines and wrinkles around the wyws with botox injections relieve

  • Gel injection

    Gel injection

    Overall volume of the lips and adding gel filler injection

  • Eybrow Transplantatation

    Eybrow Transplantatation

    As a professional Eybrow Transplantatation clinic services Day is done under doctors explant

  • Skin rejuvenation

    Skin rejuvenation

    New LPG Skin rejuvenation peeling

    The new Endomologie face and LPG anti ageing peeling treatment combined, achieve outstanding results.
    The treatment is a youth activator that transforms face,neck and hands cellular regeneration for true “NEW SKIN”effect.
    An exclusive combination of Face Endermologie treatment with superficial chemical exfoliation,optimists cellular regeneration, giving skin radiance and glow throughout out the year.
    Include LPG Skin Rejuvenation treatments in your monthly beauty routine to replenish your skin and look radiant and rejuvenated. Book your appointments now with your LPG therapist or visit www.clinic-day.com for more details.
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